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Charging and Remissions 

What sort of things will we charge parents for?

A wide range of activities, educational visits and other opportunities are planned to enhance the quality breadth and depth of the pupils learning experiences.  This includes things like swimming, music tuition, day or part day visits, and residential visits. The continued support and  voluntary contributions from parents is vital if we are to continue to offer these visits and opportunities to our pupils. The policy is based upon the principle that pupils are not deprived of participating in any educational activity solely upon financial grounds.  However it must be explained that the budget allows us limited funds to subsidise other than essential activities and resources.

What exceptions do we make to this?

The 1988 Education Act requires that the board and lodging costs are paid for families in receipt of Free School Meals if :-
  1)  The visit takes place during school hours
  2)  The visit involves the delivery of the national curriculum
  3)  The visit is required as part of a prescribed examination syllabus.

For residential visits deemed to be optional extras, which all of ours are, such remissions are at the discretion of the school. As a school we always try to support "deserving cases of genuine hardship" and parents are invited to make application, in confidence, to the headteacher.

You can read further information in our full Charging and Remissions Policy.

Charging and Remissions Policy