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What our pupils say

I feel that God is always with me.

Year 6 Pupil


Collective Worship makes me feel really happy, I feel ready for the day's learning.

Year 4 Pupil


Collective Worship helps me to feel safe and loved.  I like that we are altogether.

Year 3 Pupil


I think about how stories from the Bible help us to understand our school values.

Year 2 Pupil





Collective Worship

We hold a daily act of collective worship in our school and understand worship to be a special act or occasion whose purpose is to show reverence to God. Collective worship involves all members of the school coming together. 

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Worship; this is stated in our policy.

Aims and purpose

The aim of Collective Worship in our school is to provide the opportunity for pupils to:

  • worship God
  • reflect on values that are of a Christian nature and on their own beliefs
  • develop a community spirit, a common ethos and shared values
  • consider spiritual and moral issues
  • respond to the worship offered.
  • to provide an opportunity to celebrate major, and some minor, Christian festivals.
  • to celebrate gifts, talents and achievements
  • to encourage respect and care for God's creation by a positive attitude to both local and global environmental issues.
  • to foster feelings such as awe, wonder, thankfulness, mystery and joy.

To be meaningful for pupils, Collective Worship enables them to reflect on:

  • what it means to be a human being
  • questions of meaning, purpose and value
  • the best that human beings can be - inspirational, exemplars (people of faith or not) who have demonstrated through their actions, lives and qualities. Examples will come from religious and non-religious sources.
  • personal beliefs and values

The Collective Worship that we deliver will recognise and value the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of our school population and will be conducted within our Equal Opportunities policy.

 We will strive to ensure that collective worship is:

  • Inclusive
  • Invitational
  • Inspiring


Pupil-Led Collective Worship
We are very proud that each week, different pupils, prepare and lead collective worship on a Thursday morning.  Pupils give up their lunchtime to write thoughtful, engaging presentations and prayers which are enjoyed by the whole school community.

Please Click HERE for our Collective Worship Policy

Collective Worship Themes Autumn 2 2022